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Izzy Brunner by theworldwillknowme Izzy Brunner by theworldwillknowme
The background is coming later, I promise!!! Hope you like!! :hug: :) :D I DIDN'T DRAW THIS!!!! I JUST GAVE THE CHARCTER AND COLORED IT!!!!!!! Amazing drawing goes to xBlackMelody!!!!!!!!! <3 thank you sooo much!!! :D
Here we go!!!
Name- Iznios Hilary Brunner
Alias- Izzy, Iz, Pirro
Gender- Female
Age- 17
Species- Centaur
Date of Birth- February 30th
Place of Birth- Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Ethnicity- Greek, Apollsa
Nationality- Bostonian
Blood Type- Blood of the God’s
Blood Color- Celestial Gold
Relatives- Father- Chiron, Mother- Hestia, Siblings- Nathaniel, Victoria

Height- 6’ 2” (full centaur form from ear tip to hooves)
Weight- 270
Hairstyle- Wavy hip length, curls at tips, often braided or weaved with ribbons
Hair color- Roots are dark brown, it fades into a fire red on the tips
Eye color- Chocolate
Fur color- Chestnut
Figure- Muscular, tall, thin
Scars- None
Piercing- Nose stud, 4 ear-rings (NOT IN DRAWING)
Tattoos- Base of Neck; symbol of Pirro, Middle of back- “To keep is to Cherish”
Clothes- leather wrap around top with belts on either side, horse shoes
Formal- Pink ball gown, ear-rings, make-up
Accessory- Glass orb necklace, Sunlight Ring, Lantern.

Occupation- Keeper, Camp Advisor, Wood-worker
Position- 2nd in command, Keeper of Tree
Languages- English, Greek, Roman, French, Gaelic
Impediment- None

Likes- Her life, Will, Parents, music, Greek Mythology, poetry, swimming, running
Dislikes- Meat, Big 3, Victoria, Satyr, Dionysus, Luke, war
Fears- Death, Fear itself
Hobbies- Teaching, Learning, talking, hanging, playing the trumpet
Weakness- Past, Underbelly
Disorders- In human form, is a paraplegic
Diseases- Soul-less
Anger- attacks against family, keep or friends, bigotry
Pain- underbelly
Grief- Mention of Will
Happiness- Peace, hanging out with Tree, Tree happy, trumpeting
Viciousness- Stress, attacks or insults, threats against anyone close
Weapon- Fire Bow and Arrows, Fire

Food- Fruit and Walnut Salad from McDonalds
Drink- Sweet Tea
Color- Fire Orange
Object- Lantern
Place- Central Park, Boston
Memory- Watching Tree grow up into the beauty she is now
Relative- Tree and Will
Book- Edith Hamilton’s Greek Mythology
Movie- the Men who stare at Goats
Enemies- Clarisse, Victoria, Zeus, Dynosis, Hades, Poseidon
Friends- Tree, Nicco, Nathaniel, Chiron, Percy, Grover, Rachel, Hestia
Significant Other- Will
3 Words- different, warm, loyal
Motto- “To keep is to cherish. To love is to believe. To hope is to endure.”
Quote- “Dynosis, must I remind you that it’s because of my mother that you are even on the Council. So I would shut it or she can quickly go back on her vow.”
From- Myself
Comments- If there’s a character that can survive anything, it’s Izzy. Her skin and fur is tough as nails, but what’s inside is soft and warm. I’ve always enjoyed working with Izzy, because I knew I could put her in situations where her loyalty and survival skills are tested and she’d always figure a way out. Tree had always been her focus point and she will never let anything hurt her. She’ll always been there with a smile, a witty crack and a warm heart. A truly loyal, genuine fun chick!

I'm working on cleaning up the imagining proccess on my phone, fingers crossed!!! Please comment or critique or whatever!!! <3
xBlackMelody Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Student General Artist
The colors you used look so awesome. They blended together really well~ :iconhurrplz:
theworldwillknowme Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010
awwww!!! Thanks Melody!!! That was a really crappy photo of it! I have a much better one on my camera to be posted soon!! thank you soooo much!! :) :hug:
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